Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book free?

In keeping with many of the ideas in the book, there will always be a free version of the book available on the web.

How is the content licensed?

The content of this web site and the book itself are available under Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike

How far along is this book?

It is a work in progress. The current version is getting pretty close to final. At present the references are broken and need to be fixed. I am using gitbook and github to keep track of versions of this website and the book itself.

Who has contributed to this book?

Please read the acknowledgments.

What kind of feedback and contributions are you looking for?

All constructive comments are welcome. At this point the book is close to final, so I am less likely to make substantial changes. I hope to write at least one more book and may be able to address new ideas there.

Why are you writing this book?

This question is now answered by the preface.

Is the book available for download?

Yes. You can download World After Capital as a PDF (sadly ePub and Mobi are no longer directly supported by Gitbook and you need to manually convert from PDF).