Are you ready to experience more than just reading a book? Imagine a book you can interact with — a book that answers your questions, generates new content on demand, or even admits its limitations. Dive in and discover how AI can help bring Albert Wenger's vision for the Knowledge Age to life.

Explore The World After Capital with ChatGPT

Delve into the profound themes of Albert Wenger's book through our custom chatbot, built using OpenAI's GPT-4 architecture. This AI offers insightful discussions on the book's themes, particularly focusing on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and the profound changes digital technology brings to society. Start your conversation with The World After Capital GPT here

Interact with The World After Capital Chatbot

Take your exploration a step further with our experimental chatbot. It offers an immersive and flexible experience, currently allowing you to query and interact with the book's content using Anthropic's Claude API. As part of our ongoing exploration of the "generative book" concept, this platform will allow you to test the performance of different AI providers to deliver the best interactive experience. Explore The World After Capital on Fly.io