Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book free?

In keeping with many of the ideas in the book, there will always be a free version of the book available on the web.

How is the content licensed?

The content of this web site and the book itself are available under Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike

How far along is this book?

It is a work in progress. The current version is a rough draft with many problems and placeholders. I am using gitbook and github to keep track of versions of this website and the book itself.

Why is the writing voice inconsistent?

Because I wrote different parts at different times. And because some sections had more third party editing than others. Part of the work going forward is to unify the voice across the book.

Who has contributed to this book?

I have to work on a more formal acknowledgment section. Until then I want to call out Seth Schulmann who helped me wrangle my thoughts into some coherence, Ed Cooke who provided extensive feedback on an earlier version, and to commenters on my blog who have been super helpful over the years. Many thanks also to my partners and the team at Union Square Ventures who have contributed greatly to my thinking on many of the topics. And of course none of this would have been possible without Susan and our kids putting up with my work on this at the oddest hours and challenging my ideas at every turn.

What kind of feedback and contributions are you looking for?

All constructive comments are welcome. A big thank you to everyone who has already sent feedback. I am working to incorporate much of that in the next set of revisions. Links to statistics that either support or question assertions made are especially helpful. There are lots of places in the book which still require a source and/or have placeholders for statistics.

Why are you writing this book?

My goal is to contribute to a critical dialog around the future. We need to invest much more time and effort into pro-actively choosing how to best use all the technological advances we are currently making.

Is the book available for download?

Yes. You can download World After Capital as a PDF (sadly ePub and Mobi are no longer directly supported by Gitbook and you need to manually convert from PDF).